1 Kings 10-11

The queen of Sheba hears of Solomon's wealth and wisdom and comes with gifts and questions.
This must have been quite the worldview discussion!  Other wealth pours in.  He builds a throne.  Gold and arms are everywhere.  He resells heavy weaponry between Egypt and Syria.

But his many wives lead him to worship their gods.  God responds by eroding the kingdom with political rebellions in Syria and Edom.  God promises Jeroboam, a rising star in Solomon's own administration, most of the kingdom of Israel, too.  Solomon's son Rehoboam reigns after he dies.

How this is about Jesus
People came from a long ways to see Jesus, too.  He is ultimate wisdom from God (1 Cor. 1:30).
The richest and wisest King, Jesus has only one bride, to whom He is completely faithful.

Don't let things of this earth draw you away from the Lord.  They are either designed to lead you TO Him, or they are off limits.

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