Praise God with skillful music!
God's word is faithful; He made all things by it.
His purpose stands, whatever earthly rulers try to do.
He sees all things, especially the king trying to deliver by his army.
He sees those who hope in Him, like we do.

Vindicate me against the deceitful, Lord!
Why do you let them oppress me?
Send Your light and truth to lead me to worship You.
Hope in God, cast down soul of mine, for He will save you.

Shout for joy to God.  See what He has done for us.
You brought us out of trials and into abundance.
I will come worship You, and tell everyone what You did for me.
You wouldn't have listened if I cherished iniquity, but You HAVE heard me.

How this is about Jesus
33 - He is the Word by which all things were made (Col. 1).  He knows His own (Rev. 2-3).
43 - God's light and truth were with Him, even when His soul was cast down (Luke 22:43-44).
66 - God brought Him through the crucifixion to glory, and by His Spirit and Church He sees that the whole world knows about God's salvation through Him.

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