Proverbs 31

Son, what are you doing?  Why give your strength to women and wine?
Give yourself to studying wisdom and justice to rule well, instead.

Seek an excellent wife, who

  • really helps her husband, so that he trusts her
  • works with her hands for the home's clothing
  • rises early to see to the home's food
  • appraises property and plants vineyards
  • is strong, makes quality stuff
  • stays up late
  • gives to the poor
  • has a husband with a good reputation
  • can laugh at the coming days
  • speaks kindly
  • has a family that blesses and praises her
  • fears the Lord, for that outlasts outward charm and beauty.

How this is about Jesus
He is ruling His kingdom well, and purifies His bride the Church to be beautiful and fruitful.

This is a call to virtue for the church generally, as we are the bride of Christ.
It is also a call to men in what to look for in a wife, and an indirect (believe it or not!) exhortation to productive and godly womanhood.

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