2 Kings 13-14

Jehu's son Jehoahaz reigns after him in Israel and is wicked like Jeroboam.  His son Jehoash does the same.  God subjugates Israel to Syria.  When Elisha is near death Israel's king visits him and Elisha prophesies victory over Syria, but limited.  Elisha dies, but even in death God fulfills his prophecy and works a miracle through him.

Joash's son Amaziah reigns after him in Judah, and is mostly good.  But he insists on war with Israel and loses.  He is captured and Israel plunders the treasure and tears down the city wall.  Judah assassinates Amaziah and puts his son Elath on the throne.  Jehoash's son Jeroboam II reigns after him in Israel for 41 years.  He was wicked but God had mercy and made him strong to restore some of Israel's borders.

How this is about Jesus
Even in death God restores life through Jesus.
I count 13 miracles done by Elisha before he dies, but he had asked for a double portion of Elijah's spirit - double seven.  The miracle in chapter 13 is the 14th.  The capstone of his ministry is resurrection from his entombed body.

Count the cost and don't take on bigger projects than you can manage (Amaziah's example).  That ends up costing you more to fix it in the end.
We sometimes say, "While there is life there is hope."  But God goes beyond this, bringing life from the grave.

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