Acts 11

When Peter gets back to Jerusalem, news of baptizing Gentiles had beaten him there, and those zealous for the law in the church criticize him.  He retells the story, highlighting that Jesus baptized the Gentiles with the Spirit just as He baptized them.  This silences the criticism.

Most of those who scatter after Stephen's persecution go preach to Jews, but in Antioch lots of Gentiles believe.  Barnabas is sent there from Jerusalem, and he encourages them all.  He recruits Saul to help, and believers in Jesus are first called Christians there.

When the Spirit warns of a coming famine, the Antioch church sends financial aid to Jerusalem by Saul and Barnabas.

How this is about Jesus
What settles the controversial action of including Gentiles in the church is the Lord's work.  HE is the one baptizing Gentiles into their midst - they have the same faith in the same Lord and the same promises.  Torah-keeping is no longer the distinguishing characteristic of a Yahweh-worshiper, now it is faith in His Son Jesus, and submission to His apostles who are setting up a new order of God's people.

When you hit conflict, you need to talk it out, and submit to the Lord instead of push your own agenda.
When new and unexpected things happen that aren't unlawful, be ready to encourage like Barnabas, and give like the Antiochians, instead of criticize.

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