Acts 14

From the Antioch in mid-Turkey, Paul and Barnabas head east.  They plant a church in Iconium much like in Antioch: some Jews believe, the rest get mad, more Gentiles believe, and the Jews force them out.

In Lystra, they heal a cripple.  The people think they are Zeus and Hermes, and want to sacrifice to them, but they restrain them.  The Jews from the last two towns show up, chasing them down, and get the Lystrans to stone them again.  Paul goes back into town, then on one more stop east, before returning to each city, visiting the newly planted churches and appointing elders.  Then they return to Antioch, report and rejoice in God's work among the Gentiles.

How this is about Jesus
They do miracles in Jesus' name, preach Him as the Messiah to the Jews and as the death-conquering judge to the Gentiles.

Paul's boldness and courage take center stage here.  He knows he is the least of the apostles, saw Stephen stoned, and knows Jesus was crucified, so why does he deserve any better?  He lives the message he preaches, that death has no hold on Jesus or on us anymore.

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