Psalms 104-106

God is above the heavens and gives the angels their power.
Everything we see in nature, God has done: mountains and valleys, springs and rivers, grass and grain, trees and birds, moon and sun, food for animal and man.
When God gives food and life, we get it; if He doesn't give it, we die.
May He rejoice in His works, but remove the wicked from His earth.

Sing to God and glory in Him; remember and tell of His works.
He made covenant with Israel to give them land, and brought them in, protecting them from kings.
He sent Joseph to preserve them through famine; he ruled Pharoah's house.
He made Israel numerous in Egypt, sent plagues on Egypt, and brought Israel out.
He provided for them through the desert, and brought them into Canaan.
He did this so we would keep His law.

Praise the Lord!
We sinned in Egypt, but You graciously delivered us from there, anyway.
In the desert we complained for food and against Moses.  We worshiped the calf.
We opposed going into Canaan at first, worshiped Baal of the Moabites, and demanded water.
Once in Canaan, we didn't destroy all the Canaanites and copied their wicked idolatry, even child sacrifice.  So God let them be subject to other nations, but spared them in His mercy.
Save us so we can worship You, Lord!  May God be blessed forever.

How this is about Jesus
104 - All things were made through Him and for Him.  He is the bread of life that truly feeds us.
105 - God's covenant with us is established in Christ.  He said the meek shall inherit the earth.  He will rule kings, and provide for His people.

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