2 Kings 24-25

Babylon invades during each of the last 3 kings of Judah, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah.  Each invasion is progressively more devastating.  The first results in subservience and tribute paid, the second in deportation of the best people and treasures, the third in leveling the best homes of the city.

Babylon appoints a governor, Gedaliah, but he's assassinated within 7 months, and many flee to Egypt.

Back in Babylon, the imprisoned king of Judah is let out of the dungeon to eat with the king...

How this is about Jesus
God fulfills His prophecies, that Israel would be destroyed, with a remnant remaining.
Jesus comes from the line of kings preserved.  Jehoiachin at the end of chapter 25 is the same as Jeconiah in Matthew 1:12.

Judah's stubborness at this point is amazing.  Faced with overwhelming military force and the judgment of God through His prophets, the kings conquered continue to rebel against Babylon, inviting more and more reduction until there's just about nothing left.  Left to ourselves we will destroy ourselves, spiritually speaking, with the consequences of sin.

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