2 Kings 10-12

Jehu writes to Samaria to appoint a leader and fight him for the kingship.  They refuse and let him rule.  He demands the death of all 70 of Ahab's sons there, and they do it.  He kills all the house and officials of Ahab, and anyone he meets of Judean royalty who looks up to Ahab's house.  He tricks the Baal prophets into all assembling, and kills them all, defiling the temple.

Jehu did what God told him regarding destroying Ahab, but he didn't stop worshiping at Dan and Bethel.  He reigns 28 years, but Syria starts taking parts of Israel for itself.

When Jehu kills Ahaziah king of Judah, his mother kills the rest of the family, to consolidate power in herself, instead of them.  An infant grandson Josiah escapes, thanks to his aunt Jehosheba.  After seven years the high priest Jehoiada conspires to overthrow Athaliah and set Josiah on the throne.  It works, with the priestly class and Carites (bodyguards of the queen?) supporting Jehoiada.  Athaliah is killed and Jehoiada leads a national resolution to support Joash and worship Yahweh.

Joash reigns 40 years and does good under Jehoiada's influence.  The building fund he starts is a fiasco, though.  After 23 years of collections for repairs, no repairs have been done, and the money seems to be gone.  With clearer separation of offerings in a separate box, things go better.  It goes straight to the workmen, not through the priests, and they (workmen) deal honestly.

Militarily Judah continues to decline.  Syria threatens Jerusalem itself, and Joash has to bribe him not to attack.  Joash is assassinated, and his son Amaziah takes over.

How this is about Jesus
Jehu prefigures what Christ will do with unbelievers at His second coming.  Judgement awaits.
Joash prefigures Christ escaping from Herod's murderous intent, and coming back to rule.
His church will be built, no matter the obstacles (corruption, sloth, etc.) found in the body of Christ.

  • Ch 10 - Like Jehu with Ahab's house, we should be ruthless with the sin in our life.  Cut off the hand if it makes you sin.
  • Ch 11 - Jehoiada's overthrow of Athaliah's government was a bold and right move.  Absolute submission to the powers that be (Romans 13) is not always the right approach.
  • Ch 12 - financial dealings in the church and state need to be clear and transparent.

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