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Here's all I've read on the PCA's recent General Assembly.

1. PaedoCommunion.  Interesting that the committees come down hard on presbyteries that allow child communion, but the assembly rejected their rebuke, thus actually accepting those more open to child communion.

2. Women as elders.  A Philadelphia ministerial candidate told a presbytery he wasn't certain the NT prohibits women from eldership.  The assembly's committee recommended rebuke, but had a minority report urging no rebuke as it wasn't a matter of "substance."  The assembly rebuked, 554-258.  That's a significant minority that doesn't want to make a big deal out of women's ordination, in the PCA!

Cake baking controversy - the facts
If you don't know about the Kleins yet, you should.

A short, basic and balanced article on "How the State Serves Salvation" in a recent Tabletalk.

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