Ecclesiastes 4-6

I've seen unchecked oppression and life's work done from envy and with no helpful end.
Companionship and wisdom help, but even wise kings will pass away and be forgotten.

Fools talk a lot; the wise shut their mouths before God.  Don't make lots of promises you can't keep; it angers God.
Bureaucratic oppression and greed abound.  Riches come and go.
18-20 - God gives us the ability to enjoy our work and food.

The rich and powerful often can't enjoy it.  Such misery is worse than never being born.
It's better to enjoy what you have than always be craving more, but "do not all go to the one place?" (6:6).

How this is about Jesus
He alone has the ability to satisfy us.  Time does not sweep Him away, His words do not make Him guilty later.  He has overcome the frustrating effects of death.

Accept your limits and restrain your appetites to always pursue more.

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