Psalm 1-2, 10

When you reject sin and delight in God, He blesses you with fruitful life.
You're like a tree firmly rooted by the water, while the wicked are blown away like chaff.

Earthly rulers conspire against God to be free of Him.  God just laughs.
The King HE establishes is the one who matters.
God gives His Son and King all their nations for Himself.
They can still serve Him, but must kiss the Son.

Don't hide when we're in trouble, Lord.
The wicked sneak around, getting away with murder.
Don't let him!  Deal with it, until all his wickedness is gone.

How this is about Jesus
1 - He is the blessed One who is sinless, delights in God, and is established forever.
2 - He is the King of Kings, the Son crowned by His Father.
10 - He will bring justice to all when He comes again.

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