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150 Questions about the Psalter150 Questions about the Psalter by Bradley Johnston
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This neat little book extols the Psalter.

Clocking in at 65 pages without appendix material, just 150 short questions and answers, it is a quick read-through.

But it's value probably lies mostly in its application to devotions at home or a church class setting.  Read 1-3 questions just before singing a Psalm and you're reminded of the value of such singing just before doing so.  Other questions will guide you to what is most fitting to sing right now, by laying out categories of Psalms and where to find them.

I was a bit thrown off at the encyclopedic nature of the info, at first, but toward the middle he turns to exhortation as well.  A full index would be a welcome addition to a future edition.

This is published by exclusive psalmody folks (who think we should only sing the Psalms in worship).  I don't hold that view, so I applaud them for muting that assertion here and instead pointing the general reader to use the Psalms more for spiritual benefit.

Highly recommended, for family devotion leaders, and church sunday school teachers or prayer meeting leaders.

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