1 Kings 8-9

Solomon moves the ark into the temple, with lots of sacrifices made.
The glory of God in a cloud fills the temple so the priests can't even stay in it.
Solomon blesses Yahweh in front of everyone, and recounts David's desire to build this place.  God kept His promise!

Solomon prays in front of everyone:
  • no one is like You, keeping covenant promises to us.
  • Keep Your promise to keep David's descendants on the throne.
  • We know this temple can't contain You, but hear us when we pray from here, for justice, forgiveness, reconciliation, victory, or rain or anything else.
  • Hear us, since You chose us to be Your people.
Solomon blesses the people:
  • God has kept His promises to you
  • May He be with you
  • May you obey Him and all the earth know Him
142,000 animals are sacrificed and a 7 day feast is held.  Israel goes home very happy!

God appears to Solomon, and says He will keep His covenant.  Solomon must stay loyal to Yahweh or Israel will go into exile and the temple be destroyed.

Solomon built and fortified strategic cites.  He enslaved the remaining Canaanites that hadn't been killed, but made no slaves of any Israelites.  He joined Tyre on a successful sailing expedition for gold.

How this is about Jesus
Like Solomon, Jesus brings us to the Father in worship.
Jesus is the greater temple, whom the Spirit/glory cloud inhabits and fills so that we know the presence of God.

Our worship should focus on God's promises kept and outstanding, as Solomon focused there.

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