Book review: Monster in the Hollows

The Monster in the Hollows (The Wingfeather Saga, #3)The Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unlike other series, each of these gets better than the one before.

The characters develop nicely, giving lots of depth, while the action doesn't slow down much, either.  Lots of wrestling and sneakery for boy readers!

Peterson deals with themes old and new.

Brotherly love
The relationship between Janner and Kalmar is shown to be the centerpiece of the trilogy.  In book 2 we saw relational breakdown and hostility.  Here they are able to love each other as brothers do, though they haven't yet resolved everything in their past and continue to make mistakes.

Rejection of evil
Characters must continue fighting temptations old and new, especially not to condemn and rage against those who condemn you.

Condemnation for past failures
Many people reject Kalmar as a Fang, since he looks like one, though he didn't turn into one all the way.  This does much harm and hinders the battle against the real Fangs.

Connected to the condemnation - since Kalmar LOOKS like a Fang, he's rejected.

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