1 Thessalonians 3-5

We've had lots of trouble, but wanted to send and see how you were doing.
Now that Timothy has reported that you stand fast in the faith, we are immensely relieved and rejoicing.
May God send us to you soon, and may He establish you in holiness before Him.

Keep doing what you're doing.
Keep away from sexual immorality, and control your body;  God's will is purity, not uncleanness.
Love the brothers by minding your own business and working hard, so you aren't dependent on anyone.
Don't get the wrong idea about the end of time.  Those who have already died aren't going to miss out.  They rise first, and we will meet the Lord with them, together.  Comfort each other with this.

That day will come as a surprise, so live ready to meet Him all the time.
Respect and love your church elders because of their work - be at peace with each other.
Help each other as needed: encouragement, warning - but all with patience.
Rejoice, pray and give thanks all the time.
Look for the Spirit's work, and test every prophecy and spiritual claim.
May God sanctify you completely.
Read this letter to all the believers.

How this is about Jesus
The Thessalonians needed to know how to live before Christ returned, to honor Him.

The spiritual welfare of one another is a huge factor in our own.
Sexual purity and work, encouraging others and prayer - these are the basics of Christian living.
New believers often have a strong sense of Christ's imminent return, and will focus on that to the detriment of these other basics.

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