Thank God for same-sex ruling?? // Dump Trump // Hope in Organic and Oil?

1.  This is one of the best things I've read on the high court's same-sex marriage ruling.
There are actually good things that will come of this.  His first reason of 5 is insightful.  It reminds me of Bonhoffer's question: what do I do if my nation asks of me something God forbids?
"God is behind this and is not only using the decision to judge the nation for its abandonment of Him and the marriage covenant, but is also using it to stir up His people to stand steadfast..."

2.  Quoting Doug Wilson, on Trump:
"Donald Trump’s ball cap tells us that he wants to make America great again. Cool. On whose terms? For a certain kind of conservative, the desirability of America being great is a given. Of course we should be great — that’s axiomatic. Why? Follow the argument closely here: because we’re us!

"I would much prefer that we meet the conditions of being made great again, and that cannot happen apart from a genuine humbling and bone deep repentance. This contrasts sharply with Donald Trump’s biblical tone deafness on the subject of repentant humility. “I think repenting is terrific.”

"Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, and He will lift you up. Anything else is seeking out a divine smack down. God opposes the proud, and that would include proud conservatives."

3. Desiring God has a great article up about organic food, essential oils, and similar things, that we are tempted to put hope in.  Which hope comes out in how evangelistic we are about them in our relationships.  I see a lot of lip service paid to the truth here (these things don't save us, of course), but then pressure later in one on one conversations (but you really need this, this is really better, you're hurting yourself if you don't switch).  It's another form of legalism, if we aren't careful, overly relying on what is (maybe) a good thing.

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