2 Chronicles 1-3

Solomon goes to Gibeon to worship God, and God speaks with him, asking him to ask for anything he wants.  Solomon asks for God to keep His promise He made to David about his rule, and for the wisdom to rule well.  God grants it, and promises wealth and honor along with it.  Solomon becomes very wealthy as an arms middleman between Egypt and Syria.

Solomon buys wood and fabric from Tyre, for wheat, wine and oil.  He organizes all non-Israelites (former Canaanites?) into a workforce.

Temple building begins.  Lots of wood overlaid with gold.  Two cherubim to go over the ark, and two pillars with capitals.

Solomon trades fairly with the nations.  Just because Christ is King of kings and will subdue all nations to Himself, is no reason to take advantage of other nations.

Israel is building a temple for an ark they already have from Moses.  But everything else is remade.  New wineskins for new wine, but the same God, people, covenant and history at the root of it all.

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