1 Chronicles 10-16

10 - Saul and his sons died in battle with the Philistines, because of his disobedience to God.

11 - Israel anoints David king.  He conquers Jerusalem and makes it his capital.  His mighty men listed, including Uriah the Hittite.

12 - Mighty men gathering to David before he was king.  At his crowning, the number of fighting men of all the tribes is given, and Israel has a three day party.

13 - David brings the ark to Jerusalem, but they do it wrong, putting it on a cart.  When the oxen stumble, God strikes dead the guy who reaches out to keep the ark from crashing.  David is afraid of moving the ark any further and it stays at the nearest guy's house for 3 months, who happens to be a gentile from Gath.  God blesses him.

14 - David secures his kingdom with more wives and children, and by defeating the Philistines.

15 - David brings up the ark again, this time giving specific instructions to the priests and Levites to do it according to the Bible.  He also sets them to work as musicians.  His wife Michal disrespects him as too undignified in his exuberant worship.

16 - David worships God with sacrifice, gives each Israelite food, and gives the priests songs to use in worship.  This is a sampling from 105, 96 and 106.  He makes sure there are priests at both sites (the ark in Jerusalem and the high place where the rest of the tabernacle is still set up at Gibeon).

How this is about Jesus
David is the anointed (messiah) king, and this story makes clear he also has a God-given role to direct the priests.  Rarely in Israel do king and priest merge in one man, and when they do it is a pre-quel to our Lord Jesus, who is both for us.

Worship God in His way, ordered by the Bible.
God will see His purpose done through His people, especially His messianic king.  Take comfort and assurance in this!

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