Psalm 133-135

Unity among brothers is good and pleasant, like oil on the body and dew on the fields.  It is life itself.

You ministers who have night shift at the temple:
Bless Yahweh by lifting your hands to Him; He will bless you.

Praise God, for He chose us to be His own people!
He brings the clouds, lightning and wind.
He struck down our enemies in the past: Egypt's firstborn and Canaanites.  You vindicate us!
Idols see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing; their worshipers wind up like that.
But we bless Yahweh from His Mount Zion, His city of Jerusalem.

How this is about Jesus
He restores unity, reconciling God to man, and man with man, in the forgiveness of our sins.
He struck down our greatest enemies: Satan the accuser, and our own sinfulness and guilt.
Instead of idolatry leading to a life of being deaf, dumb and mute, Jesus is the path of life, pleasure and joy (Psalm 16:11).

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