Psalm 119:1-88

Here is the first half of this longest chapter of the Bible.

The crazy words at the beginning of each line are the written-out letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  This chapter is an acrostic.  Each verse in the first 8 verses starts with Aleph, each verse in the next 8 verses starts with Beth, and so on.

Almost every one of the 176 verses mentions the word of God in some way.  It's an extended meditation on how important the Word is to the Psalmist, and the many ways it helps us.

Aleph - You have given your commandments to guide the upright in Your ways.
Beth - I will keep my way pure by attending to Your Word.
Gimel - You give me delight, and sight, and security by reading Your Word.
Daleth - Make me understand Your precepts, and I will live and love.
He - Turn me from worthless and to Your paths.
Vav - Your Word helps me answer those who taunt me.
Zayin - Your rules comfort me, but I'm indignant remembering the wicked who don't keep them.
Heth - I don't forget Your law, and promise to keep it.
Teth - Affliction has helped me keep Your Word.
Yod - save me, so I can delight in and keep Your statutes.
Kaph - I pine for Your word, because the wicked have almost made an end of me.

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