2 Corinthians 1-4

God comforts us through others who have also been afflicted.
We were severely afflicted in Asia (Turkey).
We deal honestly with you, but we had to change our plans and not see you.
God is faithful, and all His promises are kept in Jesus Christ.

The timing would have made for a painful visit, and I didn't want that just now.
If the sinner has repented, make sure everyone forgives him, so he isn't crushed.
We bear the aroma of Christ to the world, though it smells like death to unbelievers.

We don't need to commend ourselves to you - you yourselves are our letter of recommendation!
Our ministry in the Spirit is more glorious than Moses' ministry of condemnation.
We are headed for glory and unveiled, face-to-face fellowship with the Lord through the Spirit.

We renounce underhanded cunning in our ministry.
We proclaim the God who shone light at the beginning, and who shines it in our hearts to see Jesus.
But we proclaimers are fragile and afflicted, so everyone sees God has the power.
We do all we do for your sake, that faith and grace may abound among you.
Our afflictions now are nothing compared to the glory coming, so we can bear it.

How this is about Jesus
We see the ministers of Christ afflicted and not always trusted or accepted by their disciples.  This is how it was with Jesus, who bore our scorn, rejection, misunderstanding and worse for us.

Deal straight up with people for their good.  When your selfishness dominates your life, you tend to assume others are selfish, too, when they may not be. (This was the Corinthians' problem toward Paul.)
Cope with current affliction by looking ahead to the glory coming.
Forgive those who are sorry for their sins, or they may despair and become bitter.

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