Psalm 87-88

Many cities know of the true God, but Zion, Jerusalem, will be marked out as special by everybody.
We find much comfort in, and speak glorious things of, Zion.

I'm in trouble, near death, and discouraged.
Why won't You help me, Lord, or even give me a sense of Your presence?
Even my friends and wife shun me, and I'm alone in the dark.

How this is about Jesus
87 - He is what makes Zion glorious (Ephesians 5:25-28).
88 - He went through the darkness of being forsaken by God.

87 - We should lift up and esteem the church more than we do, since she is dearly loved by God and Christ died for her.  Speak glorious things of the church.

88 - This is one of the few Psalms that doesn't turn the corner to words of faith and hope.  Sometimes we are just stuck.  But the Psalmist is still praying, still talking to God.  When that stops, we should worry...

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