Acts 18

Paul goes from Athens to Corinth, and meets a Jewish tentmaker Aquila there.  After trying the synagogue for a few weeks, he goes to the Gentiles, and the Lord speaks to Paul telling him to stay a while.  He stays a year and a half, and the church grows.  The Jews try to get them in trouble, but the Roman judge dismisses the case as a dispute within Judaism; the citizens in an outbreak of anti-Semitism beat up the Jewish leader and drive them away.

After staying there a while, Paul went on to Ephesus, Jerusalem, Antioch, then through the church he had already planted.

Priscilla and Aquila settled in Ephesus, and they come across a strong preacher Apollos, but he only knows John's baptism, nothing more.  They teach him more fully, and he refutes the Jews well.

How this is about Jesus
He knows who are His before they are converted, and tells Paul to stay in Corinth to gather them into His church.

1. Sometimes you don't have to do much to let the Gospel advance, like Paul watching Gallio dismiss the Jews' case against him.  Other times, we should invest heavily in equipping men who can powerfully persuade men.

2. Companionship is important along the way - Paul meets Aquila and his wife, and they are a great help to him.

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