2 Chronicles 4-6

Temple altar made - about 30 feet square and 15 feet high.
Water basin made, holding 18,000 gallons set on 12 bronze oxen for a stand.
10 tables for bread made, with 10 lampstands
Dishes and utensils also.

Solomon brings in the ark, sacrificing many animals and all the Levites are there praising God with music.

Solomon preaches from a pulpit in the temple built for the occasion.  He recalls God's promise to build David a house, and declares it fulfilled, since he is on the throne and the temple is built.  He kneels on the pulpit and prays, extolling God and asking Him to hear prayers from this temple.  The main purpose of answering these prayers is that Israel and all nations might know and fear God.

How this is about Jesus
Though Solomon declares God's promise fulfilled, there is a deeper fulfillment in Christ being the Son of David on the throne (Luke 1:32-33) and being the temple rebuilt and more glorified (John 2:19-22).

Does our public worship today reflect God's beauty, and a zeal for God's name and promises kept in Christ?

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