2 Thessalonians

We thank God that your faith is growing as you are persecuted.
Jesus will avenge and relieve you when He returns with His angels and punishes them.
He will glorify Himself in your life now for Him.

Don't think Jesus has already come.  Rebellion and the lawless man must come first.  Lawlessness is already at work, but God restrains its full force for now.  That man will claim to be higher than anything and sit in the temple as God.  He will deceive and delude many, but God will kill him and bring his work to nothing.
For yourselves, be thankful that God chose you for salvation so early.  He will comfort and establish you, as He has already graciously given comfort and hope.

Pray for us to keep bringing the Gospel to a hostile world.
Don't be idle or keep company with the idle - meet your own needs by working hard.
God grant you peace through Jesus Christ.

How this is about Jesus
He hasn't come yet, but will come and set right all the wrongs you face from men hostile to Christ and His Gospel.


  • Part of being a Christian is knowing that many not only don't have faith, but some are very hostile and angry against the Gospel of Christ.  It is a threat to them, and they might take it out on us.
  • Some people use religion as an excuse for being passive or lazy (it's really up to God, anyway), or for being interfering and nosy (busybody trying to be the Holy Spirit for everyone).

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