1 Chronicles 20-22

Defeat of the Ammonites, with the Bathsheba incident left out.
Defeat of Philistine giants - Goliath's tribe and kin.

David sins by taking a military census (1,570,000 in Israel and Judah).
God has him choose a punishment, and he chooses the one that doesn't involve others conquering.
God does have mercy, though 70,000 die first.  He stops at a certain spot in Jerusalem, which becomes the temple site.  David intercedes for Israel there.  He buys the property at personal cost, sacrifices, the plague is stopped there, and fire comes down from heaven on it.  David names this the spot for the future temple.

David prepares material for the temple, and charges Solomon to build it, and his administration to help him.

How this is about Jesus
Chapter 21 is central.  The angel dealing out the plague stands between heaven and earth over Jerusalem, just as Jesus hangs on the cross between heaven and earth, taking the plague and curse on Himself.  He intercedes for His sheep, pleading His own blood.  David insisted on the sacrifice costing himself and none other, and Jesus does likewise, to the hilt.

Offer as full and complete recompense for your sins as you know how.
Provide for your children opportunities and direction to work for God.  Identify the giants and go take them out.

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