Psalm 119:89-176

Lamed - Your Word is fixed, and my attention is focused on it.
Mem - I love Your law!  It gives me understanding and is sweet.
Nun - I aim to remember and keep Your rules and let them guide me.
Samek - the wicked do not keep Your Word; I hate them and You discard them.
Ayin - I am doing and seeking good, longing for Your salvation and Word.
Pe - I am panting for Your commandments, and weeping that men don't keep them.
Tsadhe - Your rules are right; they delight me even when I am in trouble.
Qoph - I seek Your testimonies with my whole heart.
Resh - the faithless do not keep Your rules and ways - they will not be saved.
Sin/Shin - Rulers persecute me, but I have joy and peace in Your laws.
Tav - Though I have strayed, hear my cry and deliver me according to Your Word.

It's striking to me that throughout this Psalm the singer constantly resolves and asserts his righteousness or desire to follow God's Word.  Only in the last verse is there an acknowledgement that he has strayed.  This doesn't contradict his assertions, for our hearts are divided and at war.

Lively emotions dance about on center stage.  There are certainly pious resolutions here, but also joy and delight.

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