Psalm 73 & 85

I envied the wealthy wicked, and thought I'd been godly in vain.
But that was beastly bitterness before You.
They'll be swept away, while I have Your guidance here and will be with You in glory after death.

You forgave us in the past.  Revive us again!
Surely He will speak peace to us, joined with righteousness.

How this is about Jesus
73 - He was received by the Father into glory after the wicked seemed to sweep Him away, and will receive us into glory with Him.
85 - His cross is the reason righteousness and peace can join.  Without His reconciliation, we have either (1) a holy God separated from us sinners leaving us punished/destroyed, or (2) an uneasy peace that poorly covers up our unrighteousness leaving us broken and despairing.

73 - Do not envy the wicked wealthy.  Their day will pass and you will have eternal reward far richer than riches with the Lord.
85 - Appeal to God for present mercy, based on past mercy received.  Plead His historic faithfulness for current faithfulness.

"for me it is good to be near God" - Psalm 73:28

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