2 Chronicles 10-12

Solomon's son Rehoboam becomes king.  Jeroboam, a past challenger to the throne, sees his chance and returns from Egypt where he was hiding out.  He gets Israel to ask Rehoboam for less burdens on the workforces.  Rehoboam's older counselors advise agreeing, but he rejects them for the counsel of his peers, who say to throw his new found weight around.  This causes rebellion, and the 10 tribes of Israel break away from Judah and Benjamin forever.

Rehoboam tries to reunite them by sending his workforce commander, but they stone him.  He summons an army to force reunification, but God speaks through a prophet against it, and he listens.  He fortifies cities in Judah and Benjamin instead.
The Levites leave Israel, thrown out by Jeroboam, and go to Rehoboam in Judah.
Rehoboam's chief wife is Absalom's daughter.  Her firstborn Abijah, Rehoboam grooms to be king.

Egypt's Pharaoh invades and conquers much of Judah, since Rehoboam doesn't remain faithful to God.  It seems he takes the ark, since "he took away everything" (12:9).  Rehoboam reigns 17 years, humbles himself before God, and "conditions are good" (12:12).

How this is about Jesus
When we forsake Jesus as His disciples, we scatter and are divided.

Solomon's dynastic empire is short-lived in glory.  The temple treasure and articles are carried off already.  10 of the 12 tribes go off on their own.  All because of unfaithfulness.

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