1 Corinthians 1-4

I thank God that He gave You spiritual gifts so abundantly.
Don't follow earthly teachers and baptizers and wind up divided as a body.
It may seem foolish not to follow savvy speakers, but we have been called to believe in Christ crucified.  He is our wisdom.

I didn't come to you with savvy eloquence, but just focused on Jesus Christ.
The natural man can't understand this godly wisdom, but by the Spirit we can and do accept the Lord.

You're acting like babies when you brag about the earthly leaders you follow.  They are all workers in God's field.  Jesus is the foundation; everyone else builds on Him, well or poorly.  God has a way of confounding the wise in their own eyes, so avoid boasting in men.

Think of us as God's stewards.  We are poor and persecuted and distressed, while you brag about how great you have it!  I'm your spiritual father - a deeper relationship than these earthly teachers you eagerly follow.  I want to come to you with gentleness, but I'll beat back these imposters if I have to.

How this is about Jesus
Paul makes clear that Jesus is the foundation of every church.  Whoever else we follow is under Him and evaluated by Him.  Our admiration of people's abilities may not rise above our adoration of the Lord.

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