Psalm 113-118

Praise God from sunrise to sunset.
He is high and glorious, but reaches down to our lowly selves and raises us up.
He gives to the desolate and alone, companionship and children.

When Israel left Egypt, the sea and Jordan fled, the mountains skipped.
How could that be?  God was there, that's how.
He gave water from rocks, too.

Glorify Yourself, Lord, not us.
When they mock us and You, we remember that their idols do nothing.
Israel, trust the Lord!  He has remembered us and will bless us.

I love God because He heard and helped me.  He literally saved my life.
What can I give Him in return?  Worship: the cup of salvation, prayer, and vows.

Gentiles, praise Yahweh!
All nations, He is faithful to us.
Praise Yahweh!

God's faithful mercy is forever, so praise Him!
God helped me when the nations surrounded me.
God is the strength and song of the righteous.
Let me enter God's gates and thank Him.
What the leaders rejected has become the key to God's plan: this was His doing and His day.
Save us, as we bless the One coming in Your name.
Bind the sacrifice to the altar!
God's faithful mercy endures forever!

How this is about Jesus
113 - He came down to us incarnate as a child of Mary.
114 - He was the rock that gave water to Israel in the desert.
116 - He gave us a cup of salvation to remember Him and thank Him.
117 - He came to bring the Gentiles to God, too.
118 - He is the stone the builders rejected, the one who came in God's name, called upon by us to save (Hosanna).  He is the sacrifice that keeps God's covenant mercy with us.

Glad songs of salvation are in the tents of the righteous - Psalm 118:15

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