2 Chronicles 7-9

God's glory fills the temple (like it did the tabernacle when it was completed in Exodus 40).
The temple is overflowing with sacrificing, and the people feast for a whole week.
After it's all done and the people go home, God comes to Solomon quietly at night and says He will answer his prayer: He will forgive when they repent, but exile them if they rebel.

Solomon takes 20 years building the temple and his house.  He fortified and supplied cities.
He keeps Pharaoh's daughter, who he has married, out of places where the ark has been, beginning what signifies a divided loyalty in heart to his women and his God.
He goes on a joint sailing expedition with Tyre and they reap much gold.

The Queen of Sheba (an African kingdom south of Egypt) visits Solomon and is blown away by his wealth and good order.  They exchange gifts and he answers all her questions.  (Must have been quite the philosophical and worldview exchange!)
Solomon's wealth described.  All the kings came to visit him and hear his wisdom.  He became famous for the thing he asked God for at the beginning of his reign: wisdom.
Solomon dies after a 40 year reign.

How this is about Jesus
7 - At the consummation of all things, we will have a feast centered on the slain Lamb, expressing God's forgiveness and adoption of His children/people.
8 - Unlike Solomon, Jesus has one bride and she is holy like the Father.
9 - Jesus is the wisdom of God.  One greater than Solomon is here, Jesus said, speaking of Himself.

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