Psalm 48-50

We praise God, for He saved us from the ships of Tarshish.
We have considered Your loving works, Lord.
Consider Zion, so you can tell the next generation of God's deeds.

When the wicked cheat me, I remember that their wealth can't save them from death.

God summons all the earth to Him, especially inviting His covenant people.
God doesn't need sacrifices.  He wants our thanks and our petitions.
The wicked will not escape God's judgment, and are invited to thank God and repent to Him.

How this is about Jesus
Psalm 49:8 tells us redemption has an infinite price, and Jesus could pay it.  As our mediator, in His divinity He could take God's full punishment and live again.
50 - God's covenant with us is based on sacrifice - that of Jesus Christ on the cross.

These Psalms are full of direction for us.
48 - Consider what God has done in Scripture and history beyond His Word.
48 - Tell the next generation of the Lord.  Knowing the church well helps you do this (vss. 12-13).
49 - Take comfort when the wicked have their way on earth.  There is nothing more for them.
50 - Don't get thinking that God needs your money or piety.  He wants hearts of thanks, praise, and a child's cry for help to his faithful father.

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