Psalms 120-122

I cried to God, distressed by the liars and war-mongers around me.
They'll get arrows and fire.  I've lived too long with those who love violence.

Help comes from Yahweh, and security.  I look to Him for it.
He keeps me from harm and always watches over my coming and going.

I am glad when it is time for God's people to gather and worship in Jerusalem.
It is the place of judgment, and we pursue peace there for one another.

How this is about Jesus
120 - He is the prince of peace - only He can bring an end to the violence of man.
121 - He wants us to ascend  to be with Him, where there is complete safety.
122 - He is the center of worship on Zion (Rev. 5) and brings peace (Eph. 2:14).

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