1 Chronicles 23-25

David organizes the 38,000 Levites who are 30-50 years old.  24,000 help with the temple sacrificial service, 6,000 are judges, 4,000 gatekeepers, and 4,000 musicians.

David organizes the priests into 24 divisions, taking turns offering the sacrifices.

Musicians are noted - 288 skillful ones.  Note that they "prophesy."  Song writers are prophets.
Asaph works under the king's (David) direction.
They are also organized in 24 divisions, taking turns in the temple.

How this is about Jesus
He organizes His church in the New Testament similarly, with elders (like priests leading worship, song and sacrifice of praise) and deacons (Levites helping with all body life administration).

It's interesting the priests and levites couldn't organize themselves well and needed the king to step in and do it.  Or this just happens providentially to show the priest and king roles merge in Christ, the fulfillment of King David.  In any society, comparing the state, family and church, the state is usually the most developed as far as leadership and resources poured into it.  But there are times in history when the church or the family received more focus than the state.

If you have an important task to do, organize yourself to make sure it gets done!

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