Stop Looking Away

[I don't know what the PP on the shirts stands for.  Something German, not related to Planned Parenthood.  Interesting coincidence, though...]

I understand the desire to think on good and lovely things.  “Whatever is of good report… meditate on these things” (Philippians 4:8).  We also must face and fully acknowledge our personal and national sins, exposing works of darkness among us (Ephesians 5:11).

People use Facebook for different reasons.  Some to escape from life and get a laugh.  Others to keep up with friends.  Others like a dose of the political.  Social media lets us filter out friends to only see what we want to see.  This is not healthy.  Friends give an honest rebuke sometimes.  Or they just bring up something you aren’t as prone to enjoy, but it’s something you need in your life.  Different members of the body have different gifts, and we need to appreciate those with gifts we don’t have.

CS Lewis once said that when a people gets focused on politics, that people is diseased, and that is certainly true in our time.  The cure isn’t to escape – to swear off politics, and only look at cats and dogs on Facebook.  A grim obsession with politics won’t fix things, either.  But we are in a moment when we have a real opportunity to expose the brutality of abortion and its anti-midwife, Planned Parenthood.  Attempting that exposure will feel like we are fixated on dark, ugly negativism for a bit, because we are trying to get the world to see it.  So if you’re sick of the ugliness and negativity, it’s fine to turn it off for a while when you get overwhelmed.  But please, also do your part to show the world the barbarity that we currently approve.

Eisenhower, after victory in Germany, made some of its soldiers and citizens sit and watch videos of concentration camps, or even tour them, so they would face what they had looked away from for so long.

It’s time to stop looking away.
It’s time to hold up the pictures.
It's time to show the world what we do to children to defend “choice.”

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