1 Corinthians 13-16

Love is the greatest spiritual gift.  Without it all my tongue-speaking, prophecies, faith and giving aren't worth anything.  Love is patient and kind.  It doesn't envy, boast, be rude or insist on its way, doesn't resent people or rejoice at wrong.  Prophecies and tongues and knowledge will pass away, but not love.  It will become stronger when we see God face to face.

So pursue love.  And prophecy is better than tongues, because you build others up more with it.
Stay orderly in public worship, interpreting tongues, and keeping women from trying to speak with such authority.  Thinking yourself a prophet, even being one, doesn't make you exempt from other spiritual authority.

Central to our faith is Christ's resurrection.  He appeared to all the apostles, many others, and to me last.  So how can some of you assert there is no resurrection?  Your faith is pointless then.  Our resurrection will be like Christ's, and will consummate His kingdom.  Why should we work for Christ or at all if there is no resurrection?  Objecting that we don't know what our bodies will be like is silly. We already see different kinds of flesh on earth, so we have an idea.  Natural man, Adam came first, and the spiritual man Jesus last.  Just as we began like Adam, we will finish like Jesus.  We will all change, either at death or His coming, from perishable to imperishable.  Death will be conquered - Jesus got the victory!  So work hard, because your labor counts for eternity.

Take a collection every week, and save it up for when I come to bring it to Jerusalem.
I'd like to stay with you for a while, but I'm in Ephesus doing important work right now.
Respect Timothy, though he is young, and Stephanas and Fortunatus.
Do everything in love.
The Asian (Turkish!) Christians greet you.
Christ's grace be with you.

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