1 Corinthians 9-12

As an apostle to you, I have a right to some physical benefits.  But I'm not demanding anything.  I have to preach, anyway.  I'm living as a servant to everyone, to win whoever I can to the Lord Jesus.  This takes discipline, like an athlete training for the race.

Israel all partook of the benefits of Christ i the Exodus, but most of them fell dead in the desert in unbelief.  Don't wind up like that.  You may be tempted, but God will help you stand.  You are partaking of Christ when you take the Lord's Supper; so don't go to idol feasts, too.  You can eat what you want from the meat market, even if it's come from an idol's temple.  But if others show fear of an idol, don't run roughshod over such an awareness - temper your actions to sensitive consciences of others.  Seek God's glory in everything.

Keep natural gender distinctions as expressed by the culture obvious in worship.
Don't show partiality at the Lord's Table.  Treat everyone the same.  Jesus gave His body and blood for each of you, and you partake of it in the bread and wine, so don't sin as you distribute and eat.  Judge yourself, so God won't have to.  Do the Supper so it's obvious that we are all equal in receiving it.  The Supper shouldn't be to satisfy hunger.

The Spirit leads us to believe in Jesus, and He also gives each of us abilities to serve each other: speaking wisdom, faith, healing, discernment.  The same Spirit does this for the one Body of Christ.  We are each different members, but meant to function as one.

How this is about Jesus
9 - He also surrendered His crown rights when He came to us on earth.
10 - He was with Israel in the desert.  He doesn't tolerate loyalty to other gods.
11 - He is the redeemer of our fellow Christians, so we may not demean them in how we worship.
12 - He gives us the Spirit, who equips us with gifts, so we can better bear witness to the love and truth of Christ Himself.  The Spirit and His gifts are from Jesus and for Jesus.

9 - We should bend over backwards not to offend people, when it doesn't compromise the Gospel, so relationship is there to move them toward the Lord Jesus.
10 - Don't presume you are the center and God will always help you, regardless.  You have to keep conforming to His standard, and many of His people have not done so.
11 - How we relate to others in public worship is important.  Gender distinctions don't go away, and honor and submission should be shown.  Class distinctions should go away when we worship.
12 - Pursue skills and abilities that help others the most.  Don't begrudge others their gifts, or think you have to be like others.  Appreciate different gifts in others, and learn from others.

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