2 Chronicles 15-18

Spurred on by victory over Ethiopia and the prophet Azariah, Asa further reforms Judah, removing many idols, restoring the temple of Yahweh, and even deposing his mother for her idolatry.

Israel beseiges Judah, and Asa sends to Syria for help.  Syria attacks Israel, so Israel leaves Judah alone.  But the prophet rebukes Asa for relying on Syria instead of on God.  Asa throws the prophet in jail.  Later he goes lame in his feet.

Asa's son is Jehoshaphat.  He also tears down idols, but goes further and sends teachers with Levites to all the cities.  His army was strong, and surrounding nations brought him tribute.

Jehoshaphat allies with Ahab in marriage, and military against Syria.
He asks for a prophet of Yahweh to inquire about the battle.  Micaiah says it'll be disastrous.
Ahab puts Jehoshaphat in prominence as if he were Ahab, while Ahab himself goes in disguise as a soldier.  But it backfires, and Ahab is shot and dies, anyway.

How this is about Jesus
The king seeks to lead the people away from idols to the true God.

Avoid alliances with paganism that obscure your testimony to the Lord.

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