Puritan Sanctification

Part 5 - Soteriology
Chapter 33 - The Puritans on Living in Christ

We do not come to Christ once in our lives only at our conversion, but every day.  We shouldn't rest on a decision years ago. Jesus "is concerned whether you are still coming to Him now" (525).  Union with Christ leads to a life of faith radically different from a life without faith.  We are sanctified.

This means we become like God in His holiness.  No part of our life is exempt.  It is a difficult struggle, called a battle and warfare in Scripture.  We put to death our sinful practices and begin patterns of holy and loving living.  We read the Word, pray, and partake of Word and sacrament at church.  We work in our careers and daily vocations, as called by God to it, "from conscience, not from covetousness" (534).  Being more holy leads to blessing here on earth, and fits us more for heaven.

"Faith is only as good as the object it beholds" (526).

"While we do not get a better Christ in the sacraments than we do in the Word, there are times when we get Christ better."  Robert Bruce, pg. 533.

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