Isaiah 28-29

Israel is drunk with disobedience and can't hear Me.
I have to teach them ABC's again.
They'll hear foreign languages in their country, as a judgment against them (Assyrian conquest).
I will lay  a precious foundation cornerstone in Zion to establish right so your sins will be swept away
I do this once, just like the farmer plows and plants once, then waits for growth.

Jerusalem will be beseiged, but her enemies turned back.
Israel draws near Me outwardly, but their hearts are far from Me.
As if the clay can resist the potter's will.
Yet I will restore and sanctify Israel.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus' work was a once-for-all-time cornerstone laying for us.
Jesus quotes 29:13, rebuking the Pharisees' hypocrisy.

28 - Sin makes us stupid over time, so that we can't even receive basic moral truth anymore.
29 - Don't think you can hide from God what you're doing against Him.

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