Isaiah 5-6

My Beloved (God) planted a vineyard and did everything for it He could, but it only gave bad (wild) fruit.  So God will break it all down.
Woe to the wicked - those who:
- pile up real estate and fields.  The market will crash and they will be worthless.
- indulge in drink and food.  There will be famine and thirst instead.
- twist morality & justice as they reject the law and Word of God.  The nation will fall to an invader.

Isaiah has a vision of God the year King Uzziah dies.  He is overwhelmed with God's majesty, as His angels sing His holiness.  Isaiah cries out that he is undone, having seen the King.  But angels come and purify him and make him able to stand in God's council.  He seeks one to go prophesy to Israel, and Isaiah volunteers.  God tells him to tell Israel to keep on in their lack of sight and understanding, until they are desolate and only a tenth of the people are left.

How this is about Jesus
He comes as the ultimate prophet to convict Israel of her sin.  He also uses the vineyard picture.
Peter cries out that he is undone when he realizes who Jesus is, when He calms the storm.

As creatures of God planted in the world, we have an obligation to bear fruit for Him.
It is the sign of a heart alive to God that we are undone by a sense of His holiness.  Many people have no sense of this, but it is the first step toward repentance.

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