Isaiah 30-31

Don't make an alliance with Egypt - it won't work.
Trust Me, not their chariots.
A day of restoration comes, when your Teacher will show you the way.  The siege towers will fall and you will have food and drink again.
Egypt is frail flesh; God will protect Jerusalem as He sees fit.
Assyria will fall, but not by Egypt.

How this is about Jesus
He is the Teacher who comes in the flesh and shows us the way to walk.
He is the better Solomon who keeps from alliances with Egypt.
He laments over, and ultimately protects, Jerusalem when He comes.

We are tempted in every generation as the church to put our trust in political alliances, military might or our own smarts, to bring in God's Kingdom.  But it is not by might or power, but by God's Spirit that He will do it.

Isaiah 30:15
"In returning and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.
But you were unwilling."

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