Ephesians 1-2

Bless God who has blessed us.
The Father predestined us in love.
The Son redeemed us by His blood.
The Spirit sealed us with our inheritance in Christ.
I am thanking God for you, and praying you have wisdom by the Spirit to know the inheritance and power available to you.  It's the same power that raised and exalted Christ to God's right hand.

You were dead in sin, walking in evil ways.
But God made you alive and exalted you in Christ - by grace He saved us.
He brought you Gentiles near and into the building of His body by His blood.
You are members of His family, growing together as a temple fit for God to live in.

How this is about Jesus
It is by His blood that God's blessings come to us.
He is the cornerstone of the church, setting the pattern for how the church is put together.

We need to review just what God has done for us more often.  This is what Paul does first in most of his letters for the church.

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