Isaiah 14-16

Israel will have relief when Babylon falls, and talk of it this way:
Your power is surely over.  You are as weak as we are.  You thought to ascend to heaven and be like God, but now you are in hell like us.

Assyria, Philistia, Moab will each be judged and fall as a nation.

How this is about Jesus
We "attach ourselves to the house of Jacob" (14:1) by joining with Christ the vine in whom we must abide to have life.

14:11-14 is usually considered as also referring to Satan's fall from heaven, for trying to be like God.
This is not a separate instance of evil.  Satan's pattern became ours.  As sons of the devil, we copy his pattern.  Each of us makes ourselves out to be God in our minds and hearts in some way.  And nations/empires do the same thing, getting a messiah complex about saving or conquering the world.

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