Isaiah 17-25

Damascus is doomed.  They will look for the God they have forgotten.
Cush will be left for birds of prey, and bring tribute to Yahweh.
Egypt's wise will be made stupid, her Nile made bare.
Egypt will come to the Lord and worship Him; Assyria, too.

20 - God has Isaiah go naked for 3 years as a warning that Egypt will be conquered and led away captive naked by Assyria.
21 - Babylon will also fall, and Moab and Arabia.
22 - When Jerusalem was besieged, it was decision time.  But she trusted her own plans instead of the Lord.  She feasted despairingly, instead of repenting.  The powerful steward Shebna presumes to cut a tomb from the rock, but God will throw him out and put someone else in his office.

23 - Tyre will fall and Egypt will lament it.  After 70 years Tyre will be restored.
24 - the whole earth will be judged, laid waste and desolate.  Terror will come and no one will escape
25 - I praise God for He subdues the strong and protects the poor.  He makes a feast on His mountain, taking away death and tears and Moab's oppression.

How this is about Jesus
He rides out on His horse with the sword in His mouth, striking the nations in judgment (Rev. 19:15).
He is the host of the feast God gives on His mountain (Matt. 26:17, 26).

Don't be intimidated by strong nations, or put trust in them.  They are to God like a storm against a wall - they won't do anything to Him or His plans at all.
22 - When hard times come, it is a point of decision: will I trust God or try to get through this myself?

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