Ephesians 5-6

Don't even talk about the perverse things the unbelievers do sexually.  Expose dark deeds for the wickedness it is.  Don't get drunk but be filled with the Spirit, building each other up and submitting to each other out of love, wives to husbands, husbands loving wives as Christ loved the church.

Children need to obey their parents, and parents may not provoke their children.
Slaves and employees should serve their bosses as if they are working for God, for they are.
Bosses may not threaten or otherwise bear down on their employees.
Fight against spiritual forces with God's whole armor, so you can stand in the end: with truth, righteousness, gospel of peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God, and prayer.
Pray for me (Paul) in prison, too, to declare the Gospel clearly.
Tychicus who brings this letter will tell you how I'm doing.
Grace and peace to you in Christ.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus submitted to serve those beneath Him, just as husbands are to do with wives and children, as bosses do with employees.

We need to submit to our superiors (parents, employers, etc.) as to the Lord.
We are not fighting physical enemies, but spiritual ones, so use spiritual weapons.  One implication of this is that no person is your absolute enemy.  If you doubt it, just ask Ananias when faced with baptizing Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:13-14).

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