Romans 1

Paul, an apostle authorized to bring the Gospel of Christ Jesus, who is David's Son, and God's, by the resurrection.
I've wanted to see you and preach the Gospel to you, both Jew and Greek.
That Gospel is God's power to save you, by faith.
For the wrath of God is on the disobedient who suppress the truth and worship creatures instead of God.  God has given them up to the fruit of their wicked desires.

How this is about Jesus
He is divine (shown by resurrection) and human.
He is the core of the Gospel Paul sought to preach.
He is the righteousness of God revealed.
Only He has worshiped the Creator and kept from idolizing creatures.

We must heed the Gospel Paul writes out in Romans, for else we are under God's judgment & wrath.
God's Word clearly defines homosexual desires and practice as dishonorable, shameful and contrary to nature.

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