Acts 19

Paul comes to Ephesus and converts and baptizes 12 men who believed in John's baptism but hadn't heard of Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  Paul stays there for 2 years! - even longer than his 18 months at Corinth just before this.  Paul works healing and exorcism miracles, and some Jews try to copy him and use his name, but the demon beats them up and they flee.  This brings many former sorcerers to the faith, and they have a magic-book burning party.

Paul determines to leave, but an idol maker starts a riot with his sales down from the spread of Christianity.  A mob shouts the greatness of Artemis/Diana in the city theater for hours.  Paul wants to go on stage and persuade them (!) but a town clerk mollifies the crowd and they disperse.

How this is about Jesus
He has power to convert hearts, control demons, and change the belief and politics of a city at the drop of a hat.
His name is not a magic charm to use for power, without faith.
He wants His people to persuade men He is their savior, as Paul did for 2 years.
His Lordship challenges the current idols of every culture.

When the unbelieving culture rises up in defiant opposition to Christ, it can be a time to lay low.
But persistent and urgent reasoning with people will pay off over time.

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